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Height: ft. inches?Measured below the larynx, dropping the tape slightly down in the front.

Weight: lb.?Measured in the morning without clothes after going to the toilet and before drinking or eating

Age: years


Chest size: inches

Neck size: inches?Measured below the larynx, dropping the tape slightly down in the front.

Waist size: inches?Waist (men) - measured horizontally at the level of the umbilicus
Waist (Women) - measured horizontally, at a minimum width of the abdominal

Hip size: inches?Hips (women only) - the largest horizontal circumference around the hips

Body mass index: BMI calculator for women and men

To make your diet and exercise effective, you need to know your body’s exact biometric data. This web page will help you to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), ratio of anthropometric data, the percentage of fat and lean body mass. On the basis of your daily activities you will get the average number of calories and proteins required for your body. Record your measurements to monitor progress.

The number of consumed and used calories depends whether we will lose or gain weight. The unburned calories are converted in the body as fat. To maintain a stable weight, the number of calories that we consume through the food, should be equal to the number of calories you burn during exercise, excrete as body oils, waste and so on. In order to lose weight, we need to consume fewer calories than our body needs. Thus, our body uses stored fat as energy. Before starting any diet, consult a doctor or dietitian, especially if take medicines.

This form calculates the daily requirement of protein, the ratio of anthropometric data, the Body Mass Index and percentage of body fat with the help of the United States Navy Circumference Method. These indicators will accompany you during the way to a healthy body structure.

How to Measure

BMI calculator is very simple to use. In the top left-hand column you should enter your height (in feet)

Slightly below enter your weight (in pounds)

Then enter your age and gender

In the right column put in measurements of your chest, neck, waist and hips (only for women) in inches.

Then just press the «Calculate» button. As a result, we will obtain the following picture: