Currency Converter Online

Nothing will replace the online currency converter! Instead of just browsing around the different banks, copy, or remember exchange rates, calculate ratios and rates of third currencies, not directly referred to the bank, you can use a currency converter online, and calculate all of these ratios and rates quickly and accurately. Our currency converter uses data from the central banks of various countries and calculates the exchange rates directly.

Within a few seconds, you can recalculate the currency exchange rates of seven countries and, with the result, to plan your finances.

In order to convert the currency of one country in another currency, in the left drop-down list, select the appropriate abbreviation.

Suppose we want to know how many Canadian dollars would be 100 Great Britain Pounds. To do this, we first choose the left drop-down menu abbreviation GBP (Great Britain Pound):

Currency Converter

Then directly below it choose the currency of Canada - CAD (Canadian Dollar).

Currency Converter

The last step — enter in the opposite box the number of GBP 100, and at the same time below next to the field CAD you will see the Canadian dollar equivalent of one hundred British pounds:

Currency Converter