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Convert Decimal, Decimal to Binary, Decimal to Hex

There are many numeral systems known such as unary numeral system, binary, ternary, and so on up to sexagesimal.

To convert numbers from one system to another is not so difficult, but it requires time and knowledge what you should to multiply or to divide.

It is much easier to use for this purpose calculator that automatically translates the numbers of one numeral system to another.

We present this quick and easy way to transfer numbers from binary system to decimal and vice versa. Decimal system is used by all people to count something and for mathematical calculations, and the binary is used in programming, computer science, discrete mathematics. Suppose we need to convert the number 4785 from decimal to binary system. To do this, we first enter to calculator original number 4785:

Then, just a push of a button we get the result:

So the number 4785 is equal to the number 1001010110001 of the binary system. Use our calculator-converter of numeral systems and get quick results!