Graphing Calculator

Graphing calculator is used by students and teachers all over the world for their daily graphing needs. This service provides a basic, well-balanced and easy-to-use package of graphing functions for pre-calculus, calculus, algebra, advanced math and beyond. All you need is to type an equation and then graphing calculator will draw it on the screen. Our graphing calculator supports juxtaposition. It means you can use the same expressions just like you write them on a paper. For example xcos(x) or 2x^5-3x. It also supports symbolic differentiations with the diff function. To get a graphic function you should enter an expression by clicking on the buttons or type it with the keyboard and then push the PlotF button. To reset the graph to the original press the Reset button. Clear button refines the input field. Graphic calculator basic instructions: Let’s imagine you need to graph an absolute value like: y=|x| To do this you have to enter: abs(x) To get an absolute value: y=2|x+1|-3 you’ve got to enter: 2*abs(x+1)-3