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Mortgage and loan formula

Mortgage calculator online – Loan Calculator - Payment Calculator

Loan Calculator is very convenient and useful tool to calculate the total amount of the mandatory monthly payments of loan and interest rates, as well as the amount of overpayment.

With our online loan calculator you can calculate the monthly payments for five or ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five, thirty, thirty-five and even forty years ahead. At the same time you can calculate the overpayment and the amount of money, that you would not have spent if you would bought an apartment at once, for own money.

Suppose you want to take a bank mortgage loan of $ 10,000 dollars at an interest rate of 15% per annum.

First enter in the top field calculator the mortgage loan amount — in our case 10,000.

Loan Calculator

Then in the bottom box enter the percent of interest rate:

Loan Calculator

Press the button ‘Calculate’ and to our attention the following table will appear:

Loan Calculator

At the top the blue columns of the chart show the monthly payments on the loan — calculator clearly calculated these figures for 40 years.

At the bottom the red columns show the amount of overpayments on the mortgage — calculator deducted the bank loan interest and allowance of the total payments.

Thus, free online financial calculator of mortgage showed us the size of payments and overpayments, so we can plan our finances for years to come and assess own financial capabilities.