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About the use of ovulation and conception calculator online

Ovulation Calculator – is a useful method to determine the most favorable days for conceiving a child. Even for absolutely healthy pair it is not always easy to conceive a child. Pregnancy could not occur, if the chosen day is not auspicious. Some people are lucky and pregnancy occurs more quickly, but others have to wait for several months. Our ovulation and conception calculator will help you to find out the best time. But you should know that the results may not be entirely correct. Female body is very mysterious, and sometimes not very clear phenomenon take place there. For example, ovulation may occur in the end of menstrual cycle, or on the contrary in the first third (while it must be exactly in the middle). Internet is full of stories of women who claim to have become pregnant in an absolutely safe for the probable fertile days. , online ovulation calculator, should not be considered as an independent means of contraception. It will be useful as an additional means for certain categories of women.

Planning for pregnancy with the help of online calculator

With the help of the program provided on this page, you can calculate the most favorable for pregnancy days. There are 9 of them or even more! But the frequent coitus reduces the number of viable sperm and you have less chances of conceiving. You should better keep your forces. So, use not only the online ovulation calculator, but also practice the good old way - the measurement of basal body temperature. If your material possibilities allow, buy ovulation tests. High (above 37 degrees), basal temperature and a positive test for ovulation intend to start of ovulation. The ultrasound can confirm the release of an egg from the ovary. There are also subjective symptoms, such as increased libido, abdominal pain, the appearance of transparent, profuse discharge from female genital organs.

If you have experienced only a part of the evidence of ovulation and conception has not occurred - do not worry. According to statistics, only few many pairs are able to become pregnant in the first 1-3 months. And so do the doctors say one need to start worry if the pregnancy does not occur for more than 10-12 months of sexual activity without contraception. The very auspicious day does not happen every menstrual cycle. Psychologists recommend just relax and stop something to consider, have coitus in certain positions and time, etc. The stress makes too negative effect on our body. So if you're in a hurry to become parents, just go on vacation and enjoy each other's company! And then printed ovulation and conception calculator will become one of the pleasant reminders of the period of planning a baby.